Thursday, 3 July 2014

What's In Your Brew Can?

As a lad I went with my Dad to his work at Mother's Pride Bakery. The work's canteen left such a lasting impression on me, noise, smoke, chat, laughter, howls, hands of curled cards, linoleum topped tables, clatter of chairs, steaming mugs of tea, straight from a huge urn, as it comes, deep dark brown, milk and sugar not optional, catering loaves toasted and buttered, piled high to the rafters. 


Later on, in my life as a BR goods guard, tea and butties were often as not taken on the hoof. An enamel brew can essential to any movable feast. Though the mess room, brew hut and brake van, provided some rude shelter, heat and hot water.

These images from the Museum of Transport - Greater Manchester mark and record that great institution the bus canteen and the lives of working people.

Never leave home without the makings of a brew, what's in your brew can?

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